Integrated Green-Growth Infrastructure
Metrotidal Ltd is an independent private sector developer of integrated infrastructure, including new sea flood defences for London, integrated with renewable energy, transport, data and ancillary development for the Lower Thames Estuary.
Project Summary
The Metrotidal Lower Thames Orbital is a system of integrated infrastructure that provides the next generation of London’s flood defences along with substantial growth across the Lower Thames Estuary into Essex, Kent and Central London. The integrated infrastructure provides economic growth without an associated increase in carbon audit. This green-growth is achieved through the generation of renewable, zero-carbon energy for over 100,000 homes, along with improved rail connectivity and efficient data storage.

The Metrotidal Lower Thames Orbital integrates the following infrastructure to reduce the planning and construction costs and increase the net economic and agglomeration benefits: -

  1. The next generation of London’s flood defences
  2. Renewable, zero-carbon solar energy generation
  3. A rail orbital and cycle superhighway for the Lower Thames Estuary, Essex and Kent
  4. Central London Estuary Express services through Ebbsfleet and Southend Central
  5. Efficient data storage and distribution for the Lower Thames Estuary and beyond
  6. A rail freight connection across the Lower Thames Estuary
  7. Utility connections across the Lower Thames Estuary
  8. Sustainable, ancillary residential and commercial development
  9. A Cruise Liner Terminal, Thames Clipper Berth and Southend Marina
  10. A harbour for the Thames Cockle Fleet
The Metrotidal consortium formed in 2005, following consultations with key stakeholders, and is supported by leading UK consultants. The company is now advancing detailed technical studies on the engineering, economic modelling, connectivity, hydrographics, environmental impacts and cost plans with a view to completing current feasibility studies by Easter 2019.
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